Etsy – The cute but psycho clothing empire

With all things considered this will probably be one of the weirdest posts you’ll see me write, but this cute but psycho thing really interests me. I basically discovered Etsy a while ago and realized they have a ton of handmade furniture items for sale. If you haven’t visited the site before it’s a consumer’s dream, especially when it comes to custom built merchandise. They’ve got weird stuff there and also normal items like shirts and all kinds of clothing. One of the reasons I fell in love with Etsy is the fact that you normally don’t get the products found there anywhere else. Amazon and definitely brick and mortar stores can get so mainstream and boring at times – up till the point where I try and shop mostly online for not only ease of use, but for variety as well.

I’m babbling on again, but the main thing I wanted to talk about was cute and psycho. I was browsing through the shirts they have available and somehow landed on this. There are tons of sellers on Etsy selling all kinds of cute and psycho things including hats, shirts, sweaters and even socks. Yes, even socks – who would even want to wear that? Why are these designs so popular and where did they come from. Although this was a completely random train of thought I realized I probably would never answer question number two, but number one however seemed easier.

These Cute but psycho designs were everywhere – Etsy, Teespring, Redbubble and a lot of other online stores. It seems that they simply speak to their audience very well – don’t ask me how (I’m a guy and don’t understand everything women say or do, although I wish I did). In fact Etsy especially is full of this kind of cult following clothing items that most people probably don’t know the origin of or have seen in their life before. It’s sort of strange but cool I would imagine. Etsy focus on the crowd that loves one of a kind products and I would figure that not many girls out there would be wearing something like this cute but psycho white t-shirt I found on Teesrping. It’s probably a little controversial and definitely not available in your local clothing store around the corner and you know kids these days – they love to be different.

After some searching on YouTube I realized there are actually a few songs named after this catch phrase. Maybe the trend started from this? I have no clue who this artist is, but here’s Bloody Bohemian with “Cute but Psycho”.

For someone like me who is into DIY stuff Etsy is a hub of inspiration. Maybe you’re into design as well? All I can say is take some time today and scroll through Etsy – there you will find tons of inspiration. From cute to psycho, to crazy and one of kind… Damn, I’m starting to sound like an employee for Etsy… Sorry I just like the site a lot and yes guys are allowed to like it too.

We need a Locksmith – How I found a solution

Locksmith key image for California psot

Every time to weekend gets closer my wife starts to get all sorts of bright ideas to keep me busy around the house (don’t tell her I said that…). After we installed our new windows everything seemed great and the improvements we wanted to make the house is definitely starting to take shape. Our home is starting to be more livable, enjoyable and I like how it’s starting to feel homely again. So I’m here with another home improvement post, hence the Locksmith orientated image to your right.

Keep this in mind: *I’m updating this post for 2016 since I’ve made a lot of changes since I initially wrote this post.*

Lately there where some break-ins around the neighborhood and this gave the wife the idea to make some security changes that we’ve been talking about for a while. For once I totally agree that it’s time to change out all those old locks we don’t even have spare keys for and put in more higher end locks that make our lives easier and more secure.

Naturally I decided first off that I will be the one making all these changes myself. I won’t be using some local Locksmith, never! So I went over to the local hardware store and browsed through all their supplies which ended up being totally overwhelming for a wannabee DIY-er like me. I couldn’t really decide and figure out which locks we need. Should I go with state of the art electronic / key pad locks, dead bolts or just normal locks where we’ll at least have a second key, or should I just keep our current locks and have spare keys made?

All these questions needed answering back when I wrote this post. It’s been a few months since I wrote this and it took a while after initially writing to get the Locksmith work done. I had a lot of questions that needed answering and ended up not having the time to do it myself so I got a local Locksmith to help out. Thanks to a referral from a friend the Locksmith managed to give me some tips and answer all my locking queries. Being a man is the best but having to tell your wife you’re getting help from a locksmith because you couldn’t get it done yourself is not something I like doing… You should have seen the look on her face.

I don’t like to admit defeat but the Modesto locksmith really came through for me and helped me sort out the problems I had. Granted I will only be getting a locksmith to do some of the work for me as the easy parts I’m sure I’ll be able to handle myself.

If you like me and want to show your wife you can be a man and handle  the home DIY tasks I’ve added something special for you below. Turns out that changing locks and door handles isn’t that hard, but if you now nothing like I did you might want to ask a locksmith for his opinion. The locksmith I mentioned above also wrote a nice article on how to install a deadbolt lock that could come in handy…

However here’s a video taking you through the steps:


Aluminium Or Wooden Windows?

When I initially started this blog my focus was pretty much based on finances, stocks and investing. However over the past few months I’ve slowly but surely been turning this into a complete blog by including all different kinds of blog posts from my reading preferences and more lately gardening and home improvement.

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of work around our house, trying to fix up broken doors, windows, repainting old gates and much more. It’s tyring but you feel great once everything is done and your home is looking the way it should. The latest project my wife had me get my hands on was our windows. These windows we’ve had for many years in our house and most of them is wooden and has sort of seen much better days. I’m now busy investigating different types of windows , what’s best, most cost effective etc. You know the drill when it comes to your home you want something affordable but at the same time it should be able to last for a long time.

At the moment I’m very much interested in Aluminium Windows which seems to be very popular these days but also a tip expensive. I found this video explaining some difference of Aluminium frames compared to other types

For some random reason I landed on a South African website in Cape Town providing Aluminium Window services that you can find here.

Apparently in South Africa it’s one of the best types of services for Windows as it really lasts the longest and Cape Town has many different weather seasons each year so you need something durable. Oh well it seems that I’m going to have to put a few hundred or maybe even thousands of dollars to get this working.

Hangovers really aren’t great!

It feels like I’ve been having a hangover this whole week. It seems that my days of partying hard with friends, late nights and too much booze don’t come as easy. I knew I was getting old, but man this really stinks. Normally I stop myself when the alcohol starts flowing but I was having such a great time with old friends, something we don’t do as much anymore because of our busy family life, that I let go a bit.

The next day I didn’t feel as great to say the least and after the dreadful hangover passed I vowed to never have one again! After searching around for hangover remedies I bumped on this website which had some information and tips on have to get rid of a hangover quickly. I realized I basically had two options: either don’t drink as much next time or find a workable solution. I know that I probably won’t be going all out like that for a while but it would be nice to have some kind of hangover hack for whenever.

If also found a very informative hangover video:

I know that a lot of people have all kinds of hangover hacks but this website talked about alka seltzer hangover remedies and about people 2 day hangover which sound absolutely unbearable. They also mentioned a milk thistle & vitamin based product that you drink in between alcohol consumption but that sounds impossible, or maybe you can drink it afterwards as well? Wait, it feels like the hangover is started to come back, haha just kidding. I’ll try some of these remedies and see which works best, for now I’ll stick to drinking less…

Fixing up the house and starting a garden


Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve written a post for Entertainment Timez mainly because I’ve been busy fixing stuff around the house, gardening and all that. So if you’re looking for a post about some personal finance or even books I’ve read you probably won’t be getting any because it’s been a while since I’ve got time for those hobbies.

I did however stumble on something that I thought was worthy of a quick update for my blog readers. Whilst searching online how to fix so broken parts of my home (which I will not be mentioning because I’m simply too embarrassed to do so) I came across a blog talking about green houses and gardening in general. I’ve always wanted to add a little gardening patch to the back yard in an attempt to keep the family healthy, grow some vegetables and even safe some money as you all know families are expensive. You can read the complete post at My house and gardening.

So ever since I’ve found that post and discussed the whole gardening and green house idea with my wife it seems that we might be heading in the direction of another big home project, one that will keep me busy for weekends to come. Looks like I’ll be transformed from part time blogger to part time gardener. Hopefully it all gets finished quicker than I plan and I have some success in the vegetable growing department then I can post some picture and brag a little on my blog.



Blogging Is Hard For Kids But Worth It?

This is my son’s blog, but I thought I would write a bit about his site and how it’s going for him.

  1. A kid’s live is filled with constant activity, so he’s having a hard time writing articles when there is so much to do all the time!
  2. Kids in school are burnt out by the time the get out of school, and finish homework.  It’s time to be a kid, not continue to do more writing (which is a lot like schoolwork)…
  3. Blogging is for fun, not for money or other reasons at his age, so when there are even more fun things to do, this site takes a backseat.
  4. At his age, there is no money involved so not much of a reasons for his dad (me) to push him in doing this either.
  5. We’re scaling back the size of the post to less than 200 words.  To expect an eleven year old athletic boy to type 200 words is unrealistic.

So I explained why the slowdown, but what is a boy to do?


  1. Reduce his word count to whatever feels comfortable.  If it’s 100 word, or even 50 words, so be it.
  2. Exclude less pictures, that takes time!
  3. Include more per-recorded videos of the Stickman show series.  There are plenty more episodes to choose from!
  4. Include posts from friends and family (other than just dad)!
  5. Include guest posts or posts from kids from school that might be interested or neighborhood kids.

And of course more will come to mind later.  The key is to keep going!  Blogging can be a very rewarding experience if kids stick to it.  Not just in self-expression, but also cognitive development!

Good luck ETZ!


The Giver and Gone Girl

I’ve recently stumbled upon these two books and had really fun reading it and reading comments from other people. I got a lot of information about the Gone Girl eBook and luckily didn’t have to buy it to read it – my friend was nice enough to borrow it to me. Gone Girl is a different take on the typical husband kills wife thriller novels out there. The difference being that this time the wife isn’t really dead and is trying to frame the husband. I really liked the idea of the whole story, it was refreshing not to have the same old story line wrote over and over again. Continuing with the Gone Girl book story line the husband ends up being the main suspect in the death or disappearance of his wife. He tries to convince everyone of his innocence but nobody believes him until his wife is found.

The rest of the story has some shocking twists and turns that you won’t see coming. I definitely recommend you getting the book and taking a read. It’s not that long, around 400 words so it might take you a week of reading to finish it.

The Giver is a complete opposite of GG as it’s more of a fantasy slash scientific novel. It was written a few years ago and recently became popular once more when the book was turned into a movie called the Giver. The Giver story book is just 179 pages so it will definitely be a good and quick read. It seems also that this book has become so popular that it’s included in some school’s reading lists for kids. To give you a quick idea what the story is about, it’s about a boy who live in a community on earth in the future where there are no feeling, no color. The humans developed themselves this way in order to stop hunger, violence, crime and all that nasty stuff. The story unfolds as the older man shows the boy, Jonas, all the memories of the human’s past and how Jonas then tries to put things back the way they were and let people feel and live again.

To get the rest of both Gone girl and The Giver you should get the books and read them yourself. They are available for around $10 on Amazon which isn’t that much for such great stories.


The Giving Tree

This is a book about a tree and this boy. The boy came every day to see the tree. He gather her leaves, made a crown and played king of the forest.  He would climb up her trunk ,and swing for her branches.  Eat apples and they would play hide-and-go-seek.  When the boy was tired he would sleep in her shade.

You will have to read the book yourself if you want to now what comes next.

Hope you enjoy the book.


39 Clues – Book Two

Book two of The Thirty-nine Clues is about Amy and Dan Cahill in the race for the thirty-nine clues.They are surprised to find that they are in the lead in the race.  The search for the thirty-nine clues has taken them to vienna.  They hold the key to find the next clue. It’s a coded sheet of Mozart’s music.The problem is that they are being traced by their power-hungry relatives.  Amy and Dan don’t know if they are sailing to victory or straight into a deadly trap.

I really hope you get to read this book its great. It’s like a mystery, action, and excitement all combined.  The book will be great if you like one or all of these types of stories.


The 39 Clues – Book 1

The 39 Clues book one is awesome.  In the beginning Dan and Amy Cahill’s parents died in a fire seven years ago.  Now their grandmother Grace Cahill has died of cancer.  They are at the reading of Grace’s will with forty other people.  They are left with a choice to accept one million dollars each ,or go on the hunt for the 39 clues.

If you like mystery, action, or adventure this book is for you. There are eleven books in the first series ( not including the black book ) two more in the next series right now.

Well I hope you enjoy the book.