Dividend Money Stream for Entertainment – Sept 11th

Dividend Money Stream for Entertainment…

Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?  Wouldn’t it be great to have your entertainment expenses paid for by a dividend stock money stream?  I know I would like for that to be the case, and quite honestly, I’m working on one for myself in addition to the one my son is working on for his website.


Unfortunately, unless we dramatically increase our income, we won’t have the luxury of creating a Dividend Money Stream in 1 year, or even five years!  I estimate that creating a dividend money stream that covers all of your entertainment expenses would take at least 10 years to accomplish!  Ten years are a long time, but I think it would go faster than we think!  Still, after only 1 year in and it seems like eternity!

Still each year you are that much closer to your dividend money stream for entertainment goal!  I think that problem of not creating such a goal would mean that you stunt your financial wealth buildup.  Creating such an entertainment stream has an indirect goal of making you much wealthier.  Not to mention enabling you to build up a natural emergency saving fund.  That the flexibility of creating such a dividend stream, it’s flexible and can be used for other uses if the need arises!

Do you think a dividend money stream for entertainment makes sense for you?

Thanks for reading!