Etsy – The cute but psycho clothing empire

With all things considered this will probably be one of the weirdest posts you’ll see me write, but this cute but psycho thing really interests me. I basically discovered Etsy a while ago and realized they have a ton of handmade furniture items for sale. If you haven’t visited the site before it’s a consumer’s dream, especially when it comes to custom built merchandise. They’ve got weird stuff there and also normal items like shirts and all kinds of clothing. One of the reasons I fell in love with Etsy is the fact that you normally don’t get the products found there anywhere else. Amazon and definitely brick and mortar stores can get so mainstream and boring at times – up till the point where I try and shop mostly online for not only ease of use, but for variety as well.

I’m babbling on again, but the main thing I wanted to talk about was cute and psycho. I was browsing through the shirts they have available and somehow landed on this. There are tons of sellers on Etsy selling all kinds of cute and psycho things including hats, shirts, sweaters and even socks. Yes, even socks – who would even want to wear that? Why are these designs so popular and where did they come from. Although this was a completely random train of thought I realized I probably would never answer question number two, but number one however seemed easier.

These Cute but psycho designs were everywhere – Etsy, Teespring, Redbubble and a lot of other online stores. It seems that they simply speak to their audience very well – don’t ask me how (I’m a guy and don’t understand everything women say or do, although I wish I did). In fact Etsy especially is full of this kind of cult following clothing items that most people probably don’t know the origin of or have seen in their life before. It’s sort of strange but cool I would imagine. Etsy focus on the crowd that loves one of a kind products and I would figure that not many girls out there would be wearing something like this cute but psycho white t-shirt I found on Teesrping. It’s probably a little controversial and definitely not available in your local clothing store around the corner and you know kids these days – they love to be different.

After some searching on YouTube I realized there are actually a few songs named after this catch phrase. Maybe the trend started from this? I have no clue who this artist is, but here’s Bloody Bohemian with “Cute but Psycho”.

For someone like me who is into DIY stuff Etsy is a hub of inspiration. Maybe you’re into design as well? All I can say is take some time today and scroll through Etsy – there you will find tons of inspiration. From cute to psycho, to crazy and one of kind… Damn, I’m starting to sound like an employee for Etsy… Sorry I just like the site a lot and yes guys are allowed to like it too.

Hangovers really aren’t great!

It feels like I’ve been having a hangover this whole week. It seems that my days of partying hard with friends, late nights and too much booze don’t come as easy. I knew I was getting old, but man this really stinks. Normally I stop myself when the alcohol starts flowing but I was having such a great time with old friends, something we don’t do as much anymore because of our busy family life, that I let go a bit.

The next day I didn’t feel as great to say the least and after the dreadful hangover passed I vowed to never have one again! After searching around for hangover remedies I bumped on this website which had some information and tips on have to get rid of a hangover quickly. I realized I basically had two options: either don’t drink as much next time or find a workable solution. I know that I probably won’t be going all out like that for a while but it would be nice to have some kind of hangover hack for whenever.

If also found a very informative hangover video:

I know that a lot of people have all kinds of hangover hacks but this website talked about alka seltzer hangover remedies and about people 2 day hangover which sound absolutely unbearable. They also mentioned a milk thistle & vitamin based product that you drink in between alcohol consumption but that sounds impossible, or maybe you can drink it afterwards as well? Wait, it feels like the hangover is started to come back, haha just kidding. I’ll try some of these remedies and see which works best, for now I’ll stick to drinking less…

Blogging Is Hard For Kids But Worth It?

This is my son’s blog, but I thought I would write a bit about his site and how it’s going for him.

  1. A kid’s live is filled with constant activity, so he’s having a hard time writing articles when there is so much to do all the time!
  2. Kids in school are burnt out by the time the get out of school, and finish homework.  It’s time to be a kid, not continue to do more writing (which is a lot like schoolwork)…
  3. Blogging is for fun, not for money or other reasons at his age, so when there are even more fun things to do, this site takes a backseat.
  4. At his age, there is no money involved so not much of a reasons for his dad (me) to push him in doing this either.
  5. We’re scaling back the size of the post to less than 200 words.  To expect an eleven year old athletic boy to type 200 words is unrealistic.

So I explained why the slowdown, but what is a boy to do?


  1. Reduce his word count to whatever feels comfortable.  If it’s 100 word, or even 50 words, so be it.
  2. Exclude less pictures, that takes time!
  3. Include more per-recorded videos of the Stickman show series.  There are plenty more episodes to choose from!
  4. Include posts from friends and family (other than just dad)!
  5. Include guest posts or posts from kids from school that might be interested or neighborhood kids.

And of course more will come to mind later.  The key is to keep going!  Blogging can be a very rewarding experience if kids stick to it.  Not just in self-expression, but also cognitive development!

Good luck ETZ!


Stock AIG Purchase Update

Last week I mentioned that my son was going to purchase shares in AIG, and we have… and now it’s time for an update, and a closer look at the stock.

If you are interested in why we did this, and our plan around AIG, read the article “Is AIG The Stock For The Future?“.

Now for the AIG Purchase specifics:

I bought shares of the stock in two allotments for at average price of $34.77.  Instead of buying just $1,000 worth of stock, I increased the investment amount to $2,100.  You might be wondering, why $2,100?  Well, for some reason I like my stock share purchases to end in zeroes, so $2,100 is 60 shares worth of the stock.  Why do I do this?  I have no idea…

So how is AIG doing for me after a week?

Well, I’m up 3.84%!



While that seems like a pretty good number, it’s caused mostly by the rally in the entire stock market that has happened these past few days!  I’m not really concerned about the valuation of the stock at this point since we’ll (well my son anyway) will be holding the stock for around 5 to 10 years.  I’m just mentioning it here to give the specifics of the purchase, the valuation will rise and fall many times in five to ten years…

Learning About AIG:

AIG has sold a decent amount of it’s non-core businesses that it owned.  This has helped them pay back the U.S. government.  Obviously, many of the businesses being sold were valuable, and will affect the amount of room that AIG has to grow in the future, but I guess they have to do what they have to do to get the US government paid back!  Such liquidation of the company (I’m over-exaggerating here), means that it won’t be hitting it’s historic high for a long, long time (if ever).

Another noteworthy piece of new is that the government is lumping AIG into a group called SIFI, which stands for “Systemically Important Financial Institutions” (SIFI) and thus to be regulated closely by the Federal Reserve.  This doesn’t sounds promising, but it is what it is…

So I’m not entirely as optimistic as I was previously about the stock climbing as quickly as I thought, but I do think it will be a great investment for us (yeah, I bought some too) in the long run.

Only time will tell!

Thanks for reading,



Is AIG The Stock For The Future?

Okay let me present the graph for AIG, then we’ll discuss why I’m wondering “Is AIG the Stock for the future”!


Wow have you even seen a stock go from such a high valuation to almost a flat line kind of valuation?  Kind of scary (luckily Halloween is around the corner!), huh.

And the kicker for this stock is that it doesn’t even have a dividend yield anymore, not to mention the huge reverse stock split it went through in 2009!   Seems like this stock is a huge LOSER!  Since it doesn’t have a dividend, it’s obviously not a good candidate as a stock for building a “Dividend Stream For Entertainment“, so why am I looking at it?

Because it still has huge “Lottery Ticket” potential!

A reinstatement of their dividend might happen…, although even if it did, there is a good change that it would not be a high payout amount since it wasn’t previously.  But  for me, I’m more interested in the capital gain potential!  My plan is simple, buy a $1,000 worth of shares, and hold it for 5 to 10 years and hope that it increases 500% to 800% (or more) over a 5 to 10 year time frame!

If the stock increased 800% from the current price level ($35.90), that would mean that the future price would be $287.20!  So that would mean that if I had $1,000 worth, it would grow to $8,000!  While it’s a long shot, it has merit!  Let me explain my slightly twisted logic.

  1. During the “Great Recession”, AIG got hit especially hard since it was one of the bad boys of the entire ordeal!  It was so bad, that they US government had to bail them out by buying shares of AIG so that at one point the US government owned over 92% of the company!  WOW!
  2. Today, the US government owns 22% of the company!  This is a far cry from the 92% the government use to own!  A nice side feature is that the government should end up making a very healthy profit from the bailout payback!
  3. Once the government sells the rest of the stock, the price should climb substantially!  That could mean that the stock price might soar in the near future (perhaps in a few years?)
  4. The company is refocusing on it’s primary business (insurance) which in and of itself is quite profitable.
  5. If the company even climbs back to 25% of its previous valuation prior to 2008, we would be very, very happy!

Now for the tie in to a Dividend Stream for Entertainment!

After the US government sells it’s remaining shares, there is a good chance that AIG will reinstate it’s former dividend.  If the stock the increases over 800%, this dividend yield would more than likely also increase substantially.  If AIG doesn’t reinstate their dividend, but still has the capital appreciation in the stock price, perhaps at some future point, we’ll sell the stock and buy real estate, thus getting a income stream for entertainment that way.

Either way, a small investment of $1,000 has a lot of potential for room to grow, and that’s what are are going to do.

Are you wondering “Is AIG the stock of the future” too?  Tell me what you think!


Disclosure:  We both (son and I) have a small position in this stock and we are long on the stock.

A Dividend Stream For Entertainment

It’s great because it’s a blog that acts as a diary about the fun things that he is currently doing in his life.  Someday he’ll look back and remember those fun things that he did via his blog entries…

The tricky part of blogging about entertainment is that it can get costly… For a kid without an income stream (aka a job!), it’s hard to have money for this type of blog.  After all, it’s hard to write about fun activities when you don’t have money to spend on such entertainment activities.  Sure there are free and frugal activities, but those are far and few between, and besides, he has done most of those that are local to the area.  Oh sure, he’ll still write about them, but it would be hard to someday take a girl out on a date without some money, no?


So is my son stuck in a chicken vs egg dilemma?

No!  After a brief discussion, we decided to establish a dividend stream for entertainment timez!  This actually works out well for us because I’ve been meaning to teach him more about investments for quite a while, and this can lead into such a win-win scenario.

While my son gets an allowance, it’s already spoken for and besides I think it would be more fun to merge our two interests.  So we decided to create a dividend stream from any money that he earns online, and invest that money in either stocks or mutual funds that provide a dividend stream.  The idea being that the dividend stream would then be used for his entertainment activities.

Someday (after he get’s more traffic), we’ll put Google Adsense on the site too.  Hopefully that will help him gain some money for his blogging activities.

Thanks for reading!

The D~