Reading on your tablet vs reading on your computer

Reading on your tablet vs reading on your computer

One can write a completely separate article on reading on your computer vs reading on a tablet and which one is the best. Being someone who spends a lot of time in front of his computer working I would prefer reading on my computer rather than on a tablet. Similar to a tablet, but just more organized, I have all my documents, books, pdf’s and what have you directly on my computer. It’s easily accessible and it’s fast.

However my computer is big, heavy and not the latest model on the market. It’s also not touch screen like some of the latest models are so it does lack some features that a traditional Ereader or Tablet would have. I’d say the biggest benefit of reading your books on a tablet compared to computer would be movability. It’s a lot easier to take your tablet with you to the beach or on holiday than bringing your laptop if all you plan on doing with it is reading. Also some tablets have great battery lifetimes and use a lot less power compared to a laptop that might only be able to run on its battery for a few hours.

So to conclude which one is the real winner? I think it’s hard to say, but for the sake of reading on the go and mobility a tablet wins without a doubt…

Here’s a video comparing reading on tablets vs Ereaders.

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