Dividend Stocks For Entertainment Update 1

Well, we’ve started to collect our money for dividend stocks for this entertainment website!

So far, we’ve earned $300 dollars to be invested in some dividend stock, then we’ll use the dividend income to fund the activities on this site!  The three hundred dollars was from a socialization site submission service that was “officially” started in January.  The term of the submissions service will expire in March 2013.  Why March?  Because as part of the service, January and February of 2012 were free.

Back to our dividend stocks for Entertainment!

In the previous article, I mentioned that the BP dividend stock might be a good candidate to look into, and it has rose about 5% since I mentioned it a few weeks ago.  It’s still a decent stock, but we decided to go more aggressive, since we only expect to have a little to invest.  After all, a 5% dividend is only $15 for the entire year…  That said, we might pick it up if we earn more money to invest…

We’ve decided that we will make our first dividend stock purchase after we have saved up at least $530! Why the $30, you might wonder?  Because of the transaction costs to make the stock purchase and corresponding future sell of that stock.

And we’re going to try and find a dividend stock that pays out at least 10% in dividends.  We’re going to stay away from limited partnership stocks though because the tax computation can be very complex.  Instead we are going to focus on REITs since they payout at least 90% of it’s earnings in dividend.

We got a long way to go, with just being half way to our first $500, but it’s a start!