Hangovers really aren’t great!

It feels like I’ve been having a hangover this whole week. It seems that my days of partying hard with friends, late nights and too much booze don’t come as easy. I knew I was getting old, but man this really stinks. Normally I stop myself when the alcohol starts flowing but I was having such a great time with old friends, something we don’t do as much anymore because of our busy family life, that I let go a bit.

The next day I didn’t feel as great to say the least and after the dreadful hangover passed I vowed to never have one again! After searching around for hangover remedies I bumped on this website www.thehangoverguide.com which had some information and tips on have to get rid of a hangover quickly. I realized I basically had two options: either don’t drink as much next time or find a workable solution. I know that I probably won’t be going all out like that for a while but it would be nice to have some kind of hangover hack for whenever.

If also found a very informative hangover video:

I know that a lot of people have all kinds of hangover hacks but this website talked about alka seltzer hangover remedies and about people 2 day hangover which sound absolutely unbearable. They also mentioned a milk thistle & vitamin based product that you drink in between alcohol consumption but that sounds impossible, or maybe you can drink it afterwards as well? Wait, it feels like the hangover is started to come back, haha just kidding. I’ll try some of these remedies and see which works best, for now I’ll stick to drinking less…