Etsy – The cute but psycho clothing empire

With all things considered this will probably be one of the weirdest posts you’ll see me write, but this cute but psycho thing really interests me. I basically discovered Etsy a while ago and realized they have a ton of handmade furniture items for sale. If you haven’t visited the site before it’s a consumer’s dream, especially when it comes to custom built merchandise. They’ve got weird stuff there and also normal items like shirts and all kinds of clothing. One of the reasons I fell in love with Etsy is the fact that you normally don’t get the products found there anywhere else. Amazon and definitely brick and mortar stores can get so mainstream and boring at times – up till the point where I try and shop mostly online for not only ease of use, but for variety as well.

I’m babbling on again, but the main thing I wanted to talk about was cute and psycho. I was browsing through the shirts they have available and somehow landed on this. There are tons of sellers on Etsy selling all kinds of cute and psycho things including hats, shirts, sweaters and even socks. Yes, even socks – who would even want to wear that? Why are these designs so popular and where did they come from. Although this was a completely random train of thought I realized I probably would never answer question number two, but number one however seemed easier.

These Cute but psycho designs were everywhere – Etsy, Teespring, Redbubble and a lot of other online stores. It seems that they simply speak to their audience very well – don’t ask me how (I’m a guy and don’t understand everything women say or do, although I wish I did). In fact Etsy especially is full of this kind of cult following clothing items that most people probably don’t know the origin of or have seen in their life before. It’s sort of strange but cool I would imagine. Etsy focus on the crowd that loves one of a kind products and I would figure that not many girls out there would be wearing something like this cute but psycho white t-shirt I found on Teesrping. It’s probably a little controversial and definitely not available in your local clothing store around the corner and you know kids these days – they love to be different.

After some searching on YouTube I realized there are actually a few songs named after this catch phrase. Maybe the trend started from this? I have no clue who this artist is, but here’s Bloody Bohemian with “Cute but Psycho”.

For someone like me who is into DIY stuff Etsy is a hub of inspiration. Maybe you’re into design as well? All I can say is take some time today and scroll through Etsy – there you will find tons of inspiration. From cute to psycho, to crazy and one of kind… Damn, I’m starting to sound like an employee for Etsy… Sorry I just like the site a lot and yes guys are allowed to like it too.