Fixing up the house and starting a garden


Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve written a post for Entertainment Timez mainly because I’ve been busy fixing stuff around the house, gardening and all that. So if you’re looking for a post about some personal finance or even books I’ve read you probably won’t be getting any because it’s been a while since I’ve got time for those hobbies.

I did however stumble on something that I thought was worthy of a quick update for my blog readers. Whilst searching online how to fix so broken parts of my home (which I will not be mentioning because I’m simply too embarrassed to do so) I came across a blog talking about green houses and gardening in general. I’ve always wanted to add a little gardening patch to the back yard in an attempt to keep the family healthy, grow some vegetables and even safe some money as you all know families are expensive. You can read the complete post at My house and gardening.

So ever since I’ve found that post and discussed the whole gardening and green house idea with my wife it seems that we might be heading in the direction of another big home project, one that will keep me busy for weekends to come. Looks like I’ll be transformed from part time blogger to part time gardener. Hopefully it all gets finished quicker than I plan and I have some success in the vegetable growing department then I can post some picture and brag a little on my blog.