Aluminium Or Wooden Windows?

When I initially started this blog my focus was pretty much based on finances, stocks and investing. However over the past few months I’ve slowly but surely been turning this into a complete blog by including all different kinds of blog posts from my reading preferences and more lately gardening and home improvement.

Lately we’ve been doing a lot of work around our house, trying to fix up broken doors, windows, repainting old gates and much more. It’s tyring but you feel great once everything is done and your home is looking the way it should. The latest project my wife had me get my hands on was our windows. These windows we’ve had for many years in our house and most of them is wooden and has sort of seen much better days. I’m now busy investigating different types of windows , what’s best, most cost effective etc. You know the drill when it comes to your home you want something affordable but at the same time it should be able to last for a long time.

At the moment I’m very much interested in Aluminium Windows which seems to be very popular these days but also a tip expensive. I found this video explaining some difference of Aluminium frames compared to other types

For some random reason I landed on a South African website in Cape Town providing Aluminium Window services that you can find here.

Apparently in South Africa it’s one of the best types of services for Windows as it really lasts the longest and Cape Town has many different weather seasons each year so you need something durable. Oh well it seems that I’m going to have to put a few hundred or maybe even thousands of dollars to get this working.