The Giver and Gone Girl

I’ve recently stumbled upon these two books and had really fun reading it and reading comments from other people. I got a lot of information about the Gone Girl eBook and luckily didn’t have to buy it to read it – my friend was nice enough to borrow it to me. Gone Girl is a different take on the typical husband kills wife thriller novels out there. The difference being that this time the wife isn’t really dead and is trying to frame the husband. I really liked the idea of the whole story, it was refreshing not to have the same old story line wrote over and over again. Continuing with the Gone Girl book story line the husband ends up being the main suspect in the death or disappearance of his wife. He tries to convince everyone of his innocence but nobody believes him until his wife is found.

The rest of the story has some shocking twists and turns that you won’t see coming. I definitely recommend you getting the book and taking a read. It’s not that long, around 400 words so it might take you a week of reading to finish it.

The Giver is a complete opposite of GG as it’s more of a fantasy slash scientific novel. It was written a few years ago and recently became popular once more when the book was turned into a movie called the Giver. The Giver story book is just 179 pages so it will definitely be a good and quick read. It seems also that this book has become so popular that it’s included in some school’s reading lists for kids. To give you a quick idea what the story is about, it’s about a boy who live in a community on earth in the future where there are no feeling, no color. The humans developed themselves this way in order to stop hunger, violence, crime and all that nasty stuff. The story unfolds as the older man shows the boy, Jonas, all the memories of the human’s past and how Jonas then tries to put things back the way they were and let people feel and live again.

To get the rest of both Gone girl and The Giver you should get the books and read them yourself. They are available for around $10 on Amazon which isn’t that much for such great stories.