We need a Locksmith – How I found a solution

Locksmith key image for California psot

Every time to weekend gets closer my wife starts to get all sorts of bright ideas to keep me busy around the house (don’t tell her I said that…). After we installed our new windows everything seemed great and the improvements we wanted to make the house is definitely starting to take shape. Our home is starting to be more livable, enjoyable and I like how it’s starting to feel homely again. So I’m here with another home improvement post, hence the Locksmith orientated image to your right.

Keep this in mind: *I’m updating this post for 2016 since I’ve made a lot of changes since I initially wrote this post.*

Lately there where some break-ins around the neighborhood and this gave the wife the idea to make some security changes that we’ve been talking about for a while. For once I totally agree that it’s time to change out all those old locks we don’t even have spare keys for and put in more higher end locks that make our lives easier and more secure.

Naturally I decided first off that I will be the one making all these changes myself. I won’t be using some local Locksmith, never! So I went over to the local hardware store and browsed through all their supplies which ended up being totally overwhelming for a wannabee DIY-er like me. I couldn’t really decide and figure out which locks we need. Should I go with state of the art electronic / key pad locks, dead bolts or just normal locks where we’ll at least have a second key, or should I just keep our current locks and have spare keys made?

All these questions needed answering back when I wrote this post. It’s been a few months since I wrote this and it took a while after initially writing to get the Locksmith work done. I had a lot of questions that needed answering and ended up not having the time to do it myself so I got a local Locksmith to help out. Thanks to a referral from a friend the Locksmith managed to give me some tips and answer all my locking queries. Being a man is the best but having to tell your wife you’re getting help from a locksmith because you couldn’t get it done yourself is not something I like doing… You should have seen the look on her face.

I don’t like to admit defeat but the Modesto locksmith really came through for me and helped me sort out the problems I had. Granted I will only be getting a locksmith to do some of the work for me as the easy parts I’m sure I’ll be able to handle myself.

If you like me and want to show your wife you can be a man and handle  the home DIY tasks I’ve added something special for you below. Turns out that changing locks and door handles isn’t that hard, but if you now nothing like I did you might want to ask a locksmith for his opinion. The locksmith I mentioned above also wrote a nice article on how to install a deadbolt lock that could come in handy…

However here’s a video taking you through the steps: